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Website update for Thursday February 22, 2018





4 STAR BEST BET Tonight in NCAA Hoops



Plus Thursday in the NBA along with the NHL



by Rowland Upchurch


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There was no update as the power went oen and mobile service was sporadic an Greg could not forward the info to me. Thankfully his clients got the information in just enough time to get the smaller bets in as he had sent the 4 STAR out to me to post at the two monitoring sites as well as the Magic play out early. His next stop on this Far East clients meeting tour is in Balai, Indonesia. Hopefully the Internet works better there.

Greg went 4-2 ATS on Thursday's College card winning his 4 STAR BEST BET on the Oregon Ducks at -3, (75-68.) He also won with North Texas, NC-Asheville and Hawaii while losing with Tennessee State and South Alabama.  He went 0-1 in the NBA losing with the Magic. You can view the dollar values by going to "Today's Selections at the top of the home page.


All selections will be posted at the web site approximately five minutes after the games start. They'll also be posted at Sports Watch Monitor and The Sports Monitor.

(The exceptions to postings at both Monitored sites are first half plays or NHL games with -1 goal, etc. The books do not monitor those type of wagers but they are posted in the Today's Selections at the top of Greg's home page as they are indeed wagered on selections by Greg and his clients. also if the sites offer only +2.5 and he wants to buy the game up to +3, they are posted here but not at the monitored sites. You'll notice a lot more Bowl plays here than at the two sites as he has played many first half Bowl wagers.)



Greg's 5 STAR BEST BETS went 6-0 ATS this past football season. He's 1-0 for 2018


with his latest 5 STAR winner when backing the Colorado Buffaloes at home vs. Stanford.


Friday's update is in progress, check back throughout the day.


You can follow Greg's selections on Sports Watch Monitor as they are posted shortly after the games kick-off, (puck is dropped, etc.) The exceptions are buying a half-point on totals as neither monitor site offers that as a monitored selection. They only allow -1.5 goals or the money line in hockey as well, not games listed at -1 goal.


Friday's First Half Bonus System posted by DB Williams on behalf of Greg Dempson


  • Please check back later the first half system is in progress. Greg's first half Thursday night system is pending.


Greg's newest article at superpicks.com is pending.


Click onto Today's Selections at the top of Greg's home page to see all games in every sport that he is wagering on.



Greg is 2-0 in 2018 with his BEST BETS. You will be notified when he has another 4, 4.5 or 5 STAR BEST BET then you can watch and win simply


by clicking here.


You can also receive additional free selections by subscribing to Greg's free selections and systems via email list. Simply email Greg at gdsports@shaw.ca and say, "Add me to the list." There are no obligations whatsoever.


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Mr. "D.'s" Sunday's system for week 16 is pending. Greg is 9-5 ATS with his 14 systems.


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Mr. "D's" College free picks are 7-5-1 ATS. 


The Sports Watch Monitor is monitoring all Greg's full service selections in all Sports, (by Rowland Upchurch)


Monitored By SportsWatchMonitor


Each documented sports monitoring site utilizes various sports books and one site might grade a selection as a push at +3 while the other site might have a sports book offer a line of +3.5 points, so there will be slight differences between the two monitoring sites.


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